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Upcoming Events, 2010

February 11-14
Radcon 2010 | Pasco, WA

March 5-7
Potlatch SF Convention | Seattle

March 17-21
International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts | Orlando

Spring, 2010
The Nebula Awards |

May 27-31
Wiscon SF Convention | Madison, Wisconsin


Fiction, 2009-2010

Zeppelin City | with Michael Swanwick |, Oct. 2009 (also in The Best Science Fiction of the Year #4, Jonathan Strahan, ed.)

The Armies of Elfland | with Michael Swanwick | Asimov's SF Magazine, April 2009


Non-fiction, 2009-2010

Chatting with Nisi Shawl at Fantasy Magazine

Going to Narrative Introduction to Narrative Power: Encounters, Celebrations, Struggles, L. Timmel Duchamp, ed. (Aqueduct Press, 2010)


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